Social Media Launchpad Files
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Carrie Kerpen PPAI Workbook- Webinar #5.docxZip archive data128.39 kBInfo
Launchpad_Session One_5_11_10.pdfPDF document1.84 MBInfo
PPAI Webinar Workbook Session 1.pdfPDF document210.95 kBInfo
SML_Session2_workbook(1).pdfPDF document104.09 kBInfo
SML_Session2_workbook.pdfPDF document104.09 kBInfo
SML_Session 3_PPT.pdfPDF document2.27 MBInfo
SML_Session 3_Workbook.pdfPDF document97.59 kBInfo
SML_Session 4_PPT.pdfPDF document1.38 MBInfo
SML_Session 4_Workbook.pdfPDF document90.59 kBInfo
SML_Session 5_PPT.pdfPDF document2.01 MBInfo
SM_Session 2_05_10.pdfPDF document1.51 MBInfo
Social Media Launchpad Advanced - Session One PPTPDF document3.1 MBInfo
Social Media Launchpad Advanced - Session Three PPT.pdfPDF document5.83 MBInfo
Social Media Launchpad Advanced - Session Two PPT.pdfPDF document1.02 MBInfo

Social Media Launchpad Recordings

Social Media Launchpad 101
Session One: July 20, 2010:

Session Two: May 18:

Session Three: May 25:

Session Four: June 1:

Session Five: June 8:

Social Media Launchpad Advanced
Session One: August 31:

Session Two: September 7:

Session Three: September 14:

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